PSG Guild Topic: Chat with the developers of A Plague Tale: Innocence at 12PM EST
2019-05-15 13:19:51 Primitive Reading

 This week, Asobo Studio's A Plague Tale: Innocence lands on PC and consoles. It's a stealth adventure that marks the 20-year-old studio's breakout as a standalone game developer. Asobo previously developed everything from licensed Pixar titles to a recent string of Hololens projects, and A Plague Tale represents the company's move to find sustainability developing its own titles. 
To discuss the development of A Plague Tale: Innocence, a few team members from Asobo will be dropping by the GDC Twitch channel starting at 12PM EST and taking your questions in Twitch chat. If you've got questions about moving from licensed games to standalone games, or want to know more about making games like A Plague Tale, drop on by and ask away. 
And for more developer interviews and select PSG Guild, be sure to follow the PSG Guild. 

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