KISAR Algorithmic Central Bank Protocol:An Anonymous New World
2024-03-27 12:40:22 Primitive Reading

 Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies form the foundation of the new financial infrastructure, much like how the internet serves as the basis for the new information infrastructure. The first information revolution was the printing press, followed by the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and of course, the internet. What's interesting about the internet is that it amalgamates all other revolutions: you can listen to sound, read text, and watch videos through the internet. You can even do all of these things in one place. The internet not only revolutionized access to content but also democratized content creation.
The financial industry has yet to undergo this series of revolutions and is nowhere near the level of free speech in society as the internet has achieved. At best, it can be said that most transactions today are conducted electronically, and financial infrastructure utilizes the internet for communication, significantly improving the execution speed of financial systems since the 1970s. However, the financial system has not undergone a fundamental transformation. I believe finance hasn't even started; we cannot create financial tools ourselves, and the current financial system is akin to the printing stage of the information revolution.

Kisar will embark on a comprehensive transformation of every key layer of DeFi, starting from the underlying consensus, through the application layer, to the ecosystem layer, providing users with entirely new tools characterized by scalability, usability, and liquidity potential. From the initial algorithms to the construction of the upper-layer financial Lego, Kisar will support the vast financial system of the future, the Contract Universe.
The KISAR Algorithmic Central Bank Protocol is committed to building a new privacy-oriented ZKRollup protocol to achieve address anonymity and confidentiality of smart contract data and logic. We focus on providing users in the Ethereum ecosystem with low gas fees, comprehensive smart contract privacy protection, and better support for the most commonly used assets, including ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155, enabling better composability within the EVM-compatible ecosystem.

The KISAR Algorithmic Central Bank Protocol opens up opportunities for democratizing the new financial markets, benefiting from the scale brought about by the past information revolution. However, this time, it will change values, money, and finance. This infrastructure will be borderless, low-cost, and fast. Most importantly, it will enable people to trade things they have never traded before. As the large-scale innovation movement triggered by DeFi spreads, the pioneering nature of the privacy-oriented new world brought by the KISAR algorithm protocol will be fully realized.

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