The DEFI sector will become an important part of the Gulfstream
2022-11-21 12:47:36 Primitive Reading


Gulfstream is an African entity mining industry invested by Singapore-based crypto investment fund company Gulf Fund. It provides users with services such as Bitcoin mining, wealth management and trading. The integrated platform of DEFI+WEB3.
With the continuous development of the industry, the era of WEB2 has been saturated, and the next step must be the technical iteration and large-scale application of WEB3.
DEFI will be an important underlying part of building the WEB3 ecosystem. DEFI is still in its early stages, but its related economies are already large and significant: about $1.5 trillion was settled on Ethereum, the back-end infrastructure of DeFi last quarter transactions, accounting for 50% of Visa payment volume; decentralized money market issues billions of dollars worth of loans each month.
The Gulfstream platform will build an integrated platform, and DEFI will also be an important part of its creation, and will build a complete decentralized financial system.
The system will do the following:
1. Transparent accounting and strict risk assessment
2. Adjust incentives to solve the principal-agent problem
3. Modern infrastructure to improve market efficiency and robustness
4. Global real-time data
5. Eliminate credit risk and reduce compliance overhead
The DEFI section of the Gulfstream platform has been officially launched, and there will be more diversified DEFI-related applications for customers around the world to use.

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